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Episode downloader 3.1.4_

Search and download TV episodes


  • Quick search
  • Ability to download multiple videos at once
  • Media converter
  • Ability to watch live TV


  • Low quality content
  • Unsophistocated search and sorting
  • No scheduling

Not bad

Episode Downloader is a program that allows users to search for and download video from the web.

Paying for TV episodes can get expensive, but Episode Downloader can help by searching free videos online for you to stream or download. Type in a search term and Episode Downloader will return results from all over the web. Unfortunately, much of the returned results are fan-made videos of the show. Sometimes you will get lucky and find an actual TV episode, but the video quality is usually abysmal. Don't even think of finding HD content.

Episode Downloader has many other features, like a media converter. If you have a bunch of videos that don't work on your devices, Episode Downloader will give you the ability to convert those videos into a format that works. There are also basic trim and crop editing features within Episode Downloader.

One of the more interesting features of Episode Downloader is the fact that it can detect streaming video and actually record the stream live. This means that you can be playing a video on a TV streaming site like Hulu and Episode Downloader will start downloading the show as it streams. Unfortunately, this can only be accessed with the full, paid version.

Episode Downloader is an ambitious program but falls a bit short of what it claims to do. Searching for episodes is a pain and most results are clearly pirated and illegal content.

Easily search unlimited episodes and download free TV shows, anime, movie clips or more.

Episode downloader is a handy tool to search and download free TV episodes you like. You can easily search millions of full-length episode sources on it and will never miss out any wonderful shows. Simply download your chosen episodes from these available online sources and convert them into any audio video formats for new iPad, iPod, Android, DVD or other devices. You are also capable of downloading a wide selection of TV episodes by adding the video URL or typing the related keywords into the download box. Besides, it’s super easy to manage your batch downloading tasks.

In addition to above basic functions, episode downloader also gives other functions such as episode editor, built-in media player, video sharing as well as Live TV watching and downloading. In more detail, this app marvels you with the ability to crop, trim, add effect or subtitle, play any kind of episodes with inlaid media player, and have your video/link share in social bookmarking sites. Another highlight reflects in its live TV program, you are able to record your favorite live TV shows while watching.

You can download free episodes in order to enjoy and watch your favorite episodes on portable devices during the business trip and leisure vacation. Anime addicts can gather their fancy animation in the library collection.

The major distinction between episode downloader and other similar software is respective functions. In contrast, episode downloader is much user-friendly and has full functions. Great user-experience makes this tool unique and helpful. Above all, you can achieve quite a few tasks by using one tool. With it, all free and wonderful TV episodes will be at your fingertips.

Episode downloader


Episode downloader 3.1.4_

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